Introducing ! This is where you get to learn about all the terms and definitions that involve HIPAA and everything that has anything to do with healthcare data security. 

  1. AHA - American Hospital Association
  2. AHIMA - American Health Information Management Association
  3. AMA - American Medical Association
  4. ARRA - Ameriocan Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  5. BA - Business Associates; creates, receives, maintaings or transmits PHI on behalf of CE
  6. BAA - Business Associates Agreement
  7. BPO - Business Process Outsourcing
  8. CCP - Certified ComplianceALL Professional
  9. CE - Covered Entity; payers, providers that conduct e-transaction
  10. CHP - Certified HIPAA Professional
  11. CIA - Confidentiality Integrity Availability
  12. CMS - Centers of Medicare and Medicard Services
  13. CSCS - Certified Security Compliance SpecialistTM Program; provides complrehensive treatment of major information security regulations and standards; designed to enable professionals to understand, prioritize and assist organizations to achieve compliance with information security-based regulations; they are laser-beam focused on throroughly examining compliance requirements and establishing best practices that can be applied in securing today's digital business information infrastructure
  14. DOJ - Department of Justice
  15. DOST-ICTO - Department of Science and Technology's Information and Communcation Technology Office
  16. e-HRS - Electronic Health Record System
  17. e-PHI - Electronic Protected Healthcare Information
  18. EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
  19. EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer; Claim payments; Benefits include material cost savings, fraud control, improved cash flow, and cash forecasting
  20. ERA - Electronic Remittance Advice; describes adjustments to the payments; benefits include cost savings in paper mailings, providers can use electronic denial management tools that dramatically improve payment recovery and reconciliation
  21. GIC - Global In-House Center
  22. GOLD - the savings companies find when attached to an outsourcing company
  23. HHS - Department of Health and Human Services
  24. HIPAA Omnibus Rule a set of final regulations modifying the HIPAA Privacy, Security and Enforcement Rules
  25. HIMOAP - Health Information Management Outsourcing Association of the Philippines; formerly known as the Medical Transcription Industry Assocuation of the Philippines, Inc. (MTIAPI)
  26. HIMOSC - Healthcare Information Management Outsourcing Services Congress
  27. HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  28. HIS - Health Information System
  29. HIT - Health Information Technology
  30. HITECH  Act - Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health
  31. HOLD - Healthcare Outsourcing List by 
  32. HIMBPO - Healthcare Information Management Business Process Outsourcing
  33. HIMOSC 2013 - Intensity 10: Propelling Healthcare Information Management to Exponential Growth
  34. HMO - Health Maintenance Organization
  35. ICD - International Classification of Diseases: the standard diagnostic tool
  36. ICT - information and communication technology
  37. IFR - Interim Final Rule
  38. IT-BPM - Information Technology and Business Process Management
  39. IBPAP - Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines
  40. LOI - Letter of Intent
  41. MTIAPIMedical Transcription Industry Association of the Philippines
  42. MCSP - Managed Compliance Service Program
  43. MTS - Medical Transcription Services
  44. NPI - National Provider Identification number
  45. NPRM - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
  46. OCR - Office for Civil Register
  47. Outsourcing - An arrangement in which one company provides services for another company that could also be or usually have been provided in-house (Rouse, 2007)
  48. PHI - Protected Healthcare Information
  49. SAAS - Software as a Service
  50. SAG - State Attorney General
  51. SC - Sub Contractor; BA delegates a service, action,
  52. SPEED - Health Emergency Management Staff's Surveillance in Past Extreme Emergencies and Disasters
  53. TCS - Transaction Code Set
  54. WHO - World Health Organization